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Best Foot Forwards (The British Photography Awards 2022)

Best Foot Forwards - shortlisted in the Birdlife category of The British Photography Awards 2022

Walcott, on the East Norfolk coast, is one of my favourite coastal villages. There’s little to it bar a few pubs and a fish and chip shop, and it sits cheek by jowl with the North Sea. In fact, the coast road runs directly along the sea defences and could not be closer.

It faces the near constant threat of erosion, and will no doubt disappear completely one day. It isn’t the prettiest of coastal villages in England, but it has a down to earth, no-frills appeal, and is often thronging with people out to enjoy a bracing walk along the beach or sit hunched up in their cars enjoying fish and chips, and sheltering from the battering waves that often top the sea defences.

After a morning photographing grey seals in the winter, a little further south along the coast, I often like to head to Walcott in the afternoon, because I know that turnstones will be scampering along the sea wall feeding on flies, and the sunflower seeds that people scatter on the wall for them.

On this occasion, as I photographed the turnstones, a feral pigeon dropped into the frame and began proudly strutting through the crowd. The short winter days meant it was getting dark quickly, so I tried to include the wider scene with the tail lights of the passing vehicles, and I loved how the pigeon's red legs seemed to compliment the bright lights of the passing tractor.

I am absolutely delighted that Best Foot Forwards has made the shortlist in the Birdlife category of The British Photography Awards 2022.

Follow the link below to see all the amazing shortlisted work, and if you would like to, please do vote and share!

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Unknown member
Sep 27, 2022

Many congratulations!

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